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Aug 13, 2009 7:00pm EDT
can be, people will have a tough time standing in front of us. >> pretty impressive what some of the guys do on our team, the level they do it. how aggressive they are and how high tempo they are at all times. >> when the ravens last took the field seven months ago, they were five minutes away from reaching the super bowl. now they have that foundation. we'll see how much tonight a first glimpse to see what they've done. thanks so much for joining us for the battle of the beltways, as the ravens play host to the washington redskins. as far as how this thing may play out, john harbaugh. coach, welcome to year number two. >> good to see you, pete. >> tell me a little about what you expect tonight other than the obvious, as far as you don't want anybody to get hurt and you want to win the game. >> we want to see our guys play, progression from practice throughout training camp, we want to get better. there's always going to be a couple guys you weren't sure about, all of a sudden they'll jump out and play great. >> last year with joe flacco, he was a rookie, you wanted to see him
Aug 20, 2009 7:30pm EDT
must or they al a ba and hamel coming up for the rockies. our friends call us the shack and here is our radio shack did you know. as we look at him month by month, and in august he is a lot hotter than he was in july, his e.r.a. is about 1/3 of what it was back there. >> and i don't think it has been very easy on garrett, come up as a starter, go back to the minors, be a reliever, come back up to the minor leagues, be a starter, come back here again. now he is start to go feel himself like he probably did when he was a starter. throwing off speed stuff, changing speeds, pounding the strike zone. took him maybe six strikes to get there and now he is there looks pretty good tonight. >> clint var mass, 3 for 9, three home runs. it's interesting when we profile sean burnett, he went the other way. sean from starter to reliever and garrett mock leaving the pen to become at least for now a fairly solid major league starter.   . >> rob: well, and as it has been for a long part of baseball's history a lot of starters come up from high school, college and have to cut their teeth
Aug 20, 2009 7:00pm EDT
behind the plate. and as debbie taylor told us last night, jesus flores start to go resume baseball activities, threw for the first time yesterday after severely bruising that shoulder a couple months ago.   that one right in there for todd hilton. >> rob: frac touring the bone inside the shoulder, and that fracture caused him to miss a lot of time and they had to make sure that bone was completely healthy before they aloud him to do baseball stuff. >> bob: todd hilton, two hits and five walks in this series. for the most part, the nationals haven't had much to do with him, if anything. it has kept him from driving any runs in and maybe that's why. hitting nearly .400 career against the nats, almost an r.b.i. per game and a home run every three times out. and that goes back the montreal days as well.   . >> rob: maybe there is something to the fact that todd helton loves fried baloney sandwiches. >> bob: he does? >> rob: yes he does. >> bob: breakfast of champions? >> rob: i think he eats them at the ball park e
Aug 5, 2009 6:30pm EDT
doing that to us coming from behind and, you know, it's a little bit tough like that winning in the eighth and the ninth giving up the lead. we did it like i say it was a great game. >> and we're seeing it recently from the nationals, ray. late n inning work getting things back into gear after being down in the game. talk about comebacks. sixth and seventh inning. eighth inning last night. twice against pirates. showing moxie in the late innings. >> big innings, too. 4-4 in pittsburgh as homered. dunn going the opposite way right in that corner. he's starting to do that more and more. zim jumping on a fastball down and in. line drive a screenl screerm a tough left-hander as fredi gonzalez went to his bullpen, called in mier and adam answered. >> you look at how things have gone nor the fanls -- for the nationals. they have found way to come back in late innings. they're one of the top teams in the majors doing it after the eighth. >> yeah, pretty incredible that the team has done this because early in the year there were so many times we were behind and we couldn't mount a ra
Aug 13, 2009 6:38pm EDT
? >> i feel like the situation was unavoidable, but if i would have used better judgment prior to that, it would have been a different outcome. >> stallworth was released that morning. a toxicology report later showed that stallworth's blood-alcohol content was .126, well above florida's legal limit of .08, and he also tested positive for marijuana or t.h.c. >> when was the last time that you had smoked marijuana? >> i was out of town prior to that evening several days before, but nothing that night. no. >> nearly three weeks after the incident on april 2nd, prosecutors charged donte' stallworth with d.u.i. manslaughter, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. soon after police obtained a video, now sealed by the judge, that showed reyes running in front of stallworth's bentley, making it difficult for prosecutors to prove stallworth was solely to blame for reyes' death. >> what you have here is no independent witnesses that saw anything, a video which depicted mr. reyes darting out from behind a palm tree. he wasn't in the crosswalk. it would have been better if
Aug 20, 2009 6:52pm EDT
a two- pitch pitcher as wriggleman talked about out of the bullpen but he is able to use the pitch in his repertoire. >> he has only walked 23, struck out 32, it's his first start against the colorado rockies tonight. his mound opponent is going to be jason hamel. hamel comments in tonight at 7 and 7 for the rocks. >> ray: with a four .7 earned run average, given up 150 hits, actually not a very good ratio as far as his hits to innings pitched ratio. he is a guy that doesn't strike out a lot of people either but has been hot of late. the main thing he has done is in six of his starts he has given up 5 runs or more and eight times he has not been able to go past the fifth inning. so he is a guy that is just really learning how to pitch. the fifth starter in their rotation and the only guy that hasn't won 10 games. >> johnny: everybody is excited with beer mike rizzo being named permanent general manager and vice president. >> ray: with the con dye new tee of the organization now and everybody coming together and adding to stability, this team is on the rise. >> the nationals can sal
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6